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Model Description Configuration
M3-G3000 3W  Green animation laser G532-3W(CNI)
M3-G2000 2W Green animation laser G532-2W(CNI)
M3-G1000 1W Green animation laser G532-1W(CNI)

1. The most common single green animation laser for about 400-800 square bar hall, a small stage, advertising and other performances,green laser projection far, sharp light, emission big angle, wide range of applications.

2.1-3W Green laser light all use CNI green 532nM laser diode .Stable performance, high brightness, low attenuation. LCD panel program. Powerful functions, the interface is complete. With SD card , containing rich programs,can be directly use DMX control directly create the same effect as the laser software for your computer.The built-in various music modes, so newcomers are no pressure, Also supportsRJ45 cable transmission signal, So you no longer worries arrangement of wires.

◎ Rated voltage and power:  AC100~240V 50/60Hz;<500W
◎ Scanner: 30K high speed module scanner (Can be upgraded to 60K),Scan angle:±30°;Input signal:±5V;Linearity distortion<2%)
◎ Modulation: TTL (analog modulation is optional) Beam diameter and Divergence : 4mm  <2mrad
◎Control Modes: Music(four mode with blackoout)/ Automatic/Master-Slave/DMX512(25CH)/SD card control/Compatible ILDA laser show software
◎Demonstration effect:Built-in 128 pattern,SD card unlimited storage.By DMX choose pattern scene or SD card laser show.
◎ DMX effect: Double pattern modes,and with the function of unique blanking,strobing, rotating, movement, billowing, zoom,drawing,speed and color etc.
◎ Application: Disco, Clubs, KTV, Pub, Family party, etc
◎ Size:42X35X36CM
◎ N.G/G.W:11/13KG

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