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A38/33-40W  perform LASER 

Model Description Configuration
A38-RGB40000 40W RGB perform laser R635-8W/G532-12W/B447-20W(CNI)
A38-RGB33000 33W RGB perform laser R635-7W/G532-10W/B447-16W(CNI)

1.Domestic production of one of the most high power laser can be widely used in the stadium, concert, water curtain film, the opening ceremony and other large-scale performances and advertising promotion.
2.Lighting is waterproof, all-weather use. Body vertical direction manually adjustable angle, easy to use performance. In addition, we made a special design on the chassis, allowing you to more easily spot overlap correction. LCD panel program. Powerful functions, the interface is complete. With SD card , containing rich programs,can be directly use DMX control directly create the same effect as the laser software for your computer.The built-in various music modes, so newcomers are no pressure, Also supportsRJ45 cable transmission signal, So you no longer worries arrangement of wires.
◎Rated Voltage:AC100~240V 50/60Hz      Rated Power:<1500W
◎Scanner:DT40K high speed module scanner (Can be upgraded to 60K),Scan angle:±30°;Input signal:±5V;Linearity distortion<2%)
◎ Modulation:Analog
◎ Beam diameter and Divergence : 5mm;<2mrad
◎Control Modes:Music(four mode with blackout)/Automatic/Maser-Salve/DMX512(25CH)/SD card control/ Compatible ILDA laser show software
◎ Control Interfaces:ILDA Standard DB25 Connector,International Standard DMX 512,Phoenix(Germany) or Pangolin (USA) etc,Lightful RJ45.
◎Demonstration effect:DMX Built-in 128 pattern,SD card unlimited DMX 512 choose pattern,scene or SD card laser show
◎Operating requirement: dry, less dust, 10~40℃(environmental temperature) ,will reduce the attenuation of the diode and extend the life of the light.
◎Application:Disco, Clubs, KTV, Pub, Vocal concert,Television Station,stadium,Advertising promotion, etc

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