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Model Description Configuration
A19-G5000 5W Green laser man G532>5W
A19-G3000 3WGreen laser man G532>3W
A19-RGB5000 5W RGB laser man R635-1W/G532-2W/B447-2W

1.This light can be used for laser show and animation laser show and so on several shows, let you be multi-usage.mainly used for laser dance performances.It combines laser show interest of seismic and magic, actor with music can show laser light of catch the light, lighting, chopped light, turn light and so has the novelty of action.
2. The control system uses of the U.S. pangolin production currently the most widely and best of Quick show professional laser control software, and with 5 complete sets of program including music, learn and using it.
3. Choose the world’s leading of Changchun New Industries(CNI) lasers diode, high brightness,  low attenuation, it is trustworthy.
4.This entire system including a laser light, a set of QS software , five sets of laser man show, two hand-held laser pointer, one signal line (25M), a dance frame (excluding toughened glass)

◎Rated voltage and power:AC100~240V 50/60Hz;<800W
◎Scanner:DT30K high speed module scanner Scan angle:±25°(Can be upgraded to 40K);Input signal:±5V;Linearity distortion<2%
◎Modulation:TTL(analog modulation is optional)
◎Control Modes:ILDA Standard DB25 Connector, Pangolin laser software
◎Size: 96*66*42CM;
◎N.G/G.W: 36.0/56.0Kg

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